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Navacerrada is located Northwest Madrid Region, 52 km (32 miles) from the city of Madrid, being part of the Guadarrama Sierra. It covers about 32 square kilometres (12.36 square miles), plus a joint area together with Cercedilla. Navacerrada is one the most charismatic towns in the Comunidad de Madrid.

Any visit to Navacerrada leads you to visit its mountain peaks. North we find La Bola del Mundo (which means the World’s Sphere) and La Maliciosa, as the highest peaks, rising 2,255 m and 2,225 m each, or 7398 ft and 7,300 ft. East from the town you find the Almorchones area and Cerro de las Cabezas. West, Cerro del Castillo and Dehesa de la Golondrina (the Swallow Meadow). South from Navacerrada there no peaks at all, but it is worth to visit the Navacerrada Reservoir (Embalse de Navacerrada).