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Relax and fell free to admire Navacerrada’s landscape. If there is something that pictures the town is its unique environment. Up to 90 per cent of its land has some level of protection. There are may reasons to protect this land, as Navacerrada belongs to the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park, and most of this park will become a National Park.

A must visit site for nature lovers is Valle de la Barranca, or the Dehesa de la Golondrina, where you have a great panoramic of the whole town and surroundings.

Navacerrada’s high mountain climate has made defrosted water to open up its way from the peaks, signalling a river path ending over the Navacerrada river, La Maliciosa, Chiquillo and Navajero creeks, and to La Barranca, El Chiquillo, Los Almorchones and Navacerrada reservoirs.