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Navacerrada belongs to the so named Sierra de Guadarrama-Alto Manzanares county, located West of the Comunidad de Madrid, being part of the Guadarrama mountain range.

Nature is one of its highlights. The towns in this region cover both the Sierra de Guadarrama slopes and the peaks of these mountains, as Alto de Guarramillas or La Bola del Mundo - altitude 2,265 m, equivalent to 7,431 ft.

Sierra de Guadarrama is a “life island”, as many European species -both flora and fauna- have found here their shelter, making this area so beautiful in biology and landscapes.

Tourism is an important sector in these towns, mostly linked to natural resources, offering an interesting destination with good lodgings, restaurants, outdoor activities…

These towns are part of the Rural Development Group named ADESGAM, which aims to support sustainable development in the region.